The Val Fiorentina nestled among the Dolomites UNESCO heritage offers many viewpoints where you can take pictures or admire unique landscapes, also remained in some wild areas you can photograph the flora and fauna in their natural environment.

THE PASSO GIAU: From Passo Giau at 2236m you can enjoy a 360 ° panorama of the Dolomites Agordine and Ampezzane. At the evening before came the dusk you can see the natural phenomenon of "Enrosadira" with dolomites groups as the sun sets turn pink.
MOUNT FERTAZZA: From the top of the mountain at 2082 m that during the summer and the winter can be reached by chairlift,  you can enjoy an entire panoramic of the famous Nord West Face of Civetta , also the view extends to Marmolada and the Sella, down at the foot of the Civetta stand out  Lake of Alleghe with its namesake country.
AT THE FOOT OF MOUNT PELMO: In spring the meadows upstream of the Rifugio Città di Fiume is possible to contemplate the flowering of rhododendron with its characteristic pink flower, in the autumn season instead the numerous larches present, are tinged with a thousand shades from pale green to yellow more heated, the shadow of Mount Pelmo overlooking the entire valley.
MONDEVAL: The area is inserted between the sites SIC (Site of Community Importance) and the SYSTEM No. 1 of the Dolomites UNESCO. Here, nature and silence are the only inhabitants, you can photograph many animals in their natural habitats including chamois, marmots, ptarmigan, horn viper, deer, eagles over the fauna there are numerous varieties of native flora in the Alps.