Mountain Huts and Mountain Dairies in Selva di Cadore

A thousand scents and flavors among the Alpine huts and dairies of the Val Fiorentina

For those who choose the Dolomites to spend their holidays, the Huts and Mountain dairies are two of the elements that characterize our valleys.

After a walk or a trek in Selva di Cadore the Mountain Huts will welcome you for a well deserved break. You can taste the traditional dishes" the "casunzie" with red turnips, the "canederli" a typical Dolomites dumplings, polenta with game and mushrooms, pies with berries and the strudel. On the terrace the view that you can see will be unique on the walls of Mount Pelmo, Civetta, Marmolada and the Dolomites landscapes.

Those who prefer to spend a few hours strolling at lower altitudes, can visit and discover the Malghe ( Mountain dairies) of the valley. Ideal places for children to admire the cows, horses and goats grazing, so as to live the true contact with the nature. Participate in demonstrations of the processing of cheeses and dairy products and buy at the store dairy products, cheese, butter, ricotta and yogurt.

Mountain Huts and Mountain Dairies