In Val di Zoldo you can practice fishing in the creeks, in the lakes and in "catch and release" areas (where you must release the fish you catch). The fishing basin interessed is the n° 6 Maé Piave, surrounded by the quiet of nature, perfect to dedicate yourself a relaxing break practicing your favourite sport. 

The fishing areas long the creeks in Val di Zoldo are the following:  

  • River Piave from the North border to the confluence of the creek Utrigon
  • Creek Maè from the sources to the bridge in Palma, from the bridge in Fusine to the lake of Pontesei. 
  • Creek Maè from the confluence of the creek Val di Venier to the boardwalk of Igne, from bridge Molin (at Muda) to the confluence with Piave
  • Rio Grisol from the sources to the bridge De Damian
  • "Fontane di Fortogna"
  • River Piave from the confluence of Fontane di Fortogna to Soverzene (included the lake until it is allowed)
  • Creek Duran from the sources to the bridge with the road SS 347 to Chiesa
  • Rio Canedo
  • Creek Vajont
  • CreekValbona
  • Rio Rutorto
  • River Piave from the bridge Gardona to the bridge in Provagna.
  • Creek Pora
  • Creek Cervegana
  • Creek Malisia
  • Rio Caorame

The "No-kill" areas: Creek Mareson.

The lakes in Val di Zoldo: 

  • Lake of Alleghe
  • Lake of  Pontesei
  • Lake of Cavia and Zingari
  • Lake of Polane