Skitouren und Freeriden

For its particular position, Zoldo is one of the most snowy valleys of the Dolomites. Every Winter on the peaks, several meters of snow are accumulated, allowing to run off-pistes routes of different levels. From the gentle and sunlit slopes, to the steepest descents of the Dolomites.

Val Pramper, for example, offers a lot of itineraries to practice ski mountaineering in a pristine and wild natural context. The Pelmo group, or the Civetta, have endless possibilities to experience, from the most popular as Forcella delle Sasse and Forca Rossa, to the most aspired ski descents. Freeride skiing is possible also using the lifts. With right snow conditions you can descend beautiful woods and then with the lifts, you can ski along many straits as Ru de Porta.

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