Restaurant Aurora


Restaurant Aurora in Saviner (Rocca Pietore) offers the typical dishes of the home-made cooking of the Dolomites in a cozy dining room heated by a wood stove; the excellent cooking is managed directly by the owner, the extraordinary Mrs. Jolanda, and offers different menus: à la carte or the convenient and tasty menu of the day, accompanied by a rich buffet of vegetables from the kitchen garden. In summer Hotel Aurora hosts many important Vespa meeting.

Rarities:  Inside Restaurant Aurora there is a remarkable collection of finds from the Great War, which was fought exactly in this area.

Services: Restaurant Aurora is open every day; the kitchen is open both for lunch and dinner.
The unmissable "bread dumplings Aurora" are considered one of the delicacies of the valley: it is an excellent example of poor mountain cuisine, a delicious main course that is worth a visit! 

How to get there: the restaurant is located in the small village of Saviner di Laste halfway between Alleghe and Rocca Pietore - Marmolada (road SR 203 until Caprile, then towards Marmolada for 500m).