Alleghe is a marvellous alpine village located in the Agordino area, Province of Belluno, in the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, at an altitude of almost 1000 metres above the sea level. 
Overlooked by the majestic northwest wall of Monte Civetta, the town lies on the banks of Lake Alleghe. Alleghe has something special to offer to its guests all year round: a magnet in the winter thanks to the superlative pistes of Ski Civetta, the largest ski area in Veneto, in summer it is the ideal destination for hikers, climbers and many others besides. In spring and autumn, the colours of the landscape, the silent mountains and the quiet life in town make for a magical, charming atmosphere; come and visit us and discover the unparalleled wealth of mountain peaks of the Agordino area, the geographic heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.
There are many different theories as to the origin of the name Alleghe. Some believe it comes from the Friulian word “àlighe” which means alga, while others claim it could derive from the Latin verb “àlligo”. Others believe it comes from “alica”, meaning barn or the top part of the house where wheat or straw were stored.
The very first written mention of the name Alleghe can be found as far back as 1185 in a bull signed by Pope Lucius III. This document refers to an old building, the “Capellam de Alegue”, proof that the community was already fairly large as early as the 12th century.