Living Alleghe

Alleghe is an hamlet to visit all year round

Alleghe is a suggestive mountain village of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site adorned with its beautiful namesake lake and located at an altitude of 979 meters at the base of the majestic Mount Civetta (3220 m)

The wonderful Lake of Alleghe is the result of a catastrophic event of the year 1771; in this year indeed a huge landslide collapsed from Mount Piz forming the lake as we know it today. Nowadays the lake is a remarkable tourist attraction and a a valuable resource for Alleghe: in summer, tourists can take a charming trip on its water with boats and paddle boats; the lake tour is an easy and suggestive walk, suitable to the whole family, that takes an hour and a half. In winter, if the temperature is ideal, it is possible to skate on the frozen lake surface; skiing on the ski slope returning to Alleghe and facing the lake at sunset is a view that gives always strong emotions. 


In recent times Alleghe is experiencing a moment of great development in the matter of cycling tourism: thanks to its central position, Alleghe has quickly become a popular destination for both road cycling teams, which can deal with the nearby mountain passes, and for mountain bike lovers, which find the ideal training ground on the slopes of the Civetta. Alleghe also boasts a long sporting tradition in ice hockey with a team that has played at the top of the A series for years and which even in summer offers tourists spectacular and thrilling matches at the Ice Arena dedicated to Alvise de Toni, which is also open to the public also for ice skating.