Walking through the lower hamlets in Alleghe

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Piazza Kennedy
Piazza Kennedy


A pleasant easy walk, through the hamlets of Molin, Fontanive, Ciodare, Cordella, Dorich e Vallazza, which all give nice glimpses on the village of Allege. This is a circular 4.5 km-long walk which startes and finishes in the centre of the village, with many ups and downs which permit to enjoy the landscape from different corners. From Kennedy Square follow the Monte Pape road leading down towards the lake. Here turn left and take the direction to Masarè along the main road, keeping walking on the sidewalk till the hamlet "Rusech". Just in front of the bar "La Caminatha", take the way up to the wood on the other side of the road. Go forward till you meet the return skislope. Cross it and go down left till you reach the place "Molini", which takes the name from the "mills" which in the past where used for the working of the iron or the cereal grinding. Next to the house just past the bridge, turn right ( see the signpost "Antersass") and go up to the hamlet of "Fontanive" from where you can see in front of you the Mount Piz landslide which formed the lake beneath and on the opposite the North-western wall of the Civetta Mountain. Stay on Degli Alpini Road, turn right and just past a fountain to left till you reach on the top of a ramp De Gasperi road. Go down on the asfalted road till the hamlet "Ciodare", starting point of Serenissima road. Walking on this road you soon have nice glimpses on the lake beneath with the Pape Mount on the background. Few steps and you'll be in "Cordella". The most spectacular hamlet in Alleghe... you'll find out the reason very soon. At the end of the road go on following the signpost CAI, direction "Dorich", beautiful place with only one house which you can reach walking through a wood from where you can see the Cordevole Valley to North. A little bridge takes you to the isolated house. Go around it and start going down along a pasture which enters again the wood. At the end of the descent you enter the hamlet of "Vallazza" and soon you can admire the beautiful swans of Alleghe on the lake. Follow the sidewalk till you enter again from the other side Europa Road till you get back to the starting point on Kennedy Square.




Nearly at the end of the tour there's a playground for kids

Rest points

Centro - Rusech - Vallazza


Trekking boots


From Cordella directly down to the centre of the village


Dolomite group
Km. 4.64
30% wood, 60% dirt road, 10% sidewalk
Positive elevation gain
Negative elevation gain
Best time
All the year