The cultural identity is stronger here in the Fodom Valley than in any other valley of the Bellunese part of Dolomiti Unesco: till the end of the Great War this area, together with the near Village of Colle Santa Lucia, belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as well as the near Trentino and Alto Adige.

The ancient strong link to the ladin world of Tirolo is still present in Arabba nowadays in many cultural, linguistic, architectural aspects: the Museum of History, Uses, Costumes and Traditions, in Pieve di Livinallongo, is the best place where the culture of the Fodom Valley is promoted. Another symbol of the belonging to Tirolo is the magnificent Castle of Andraz, in the little hamlet of Castello. The Castle has just been renewed  and is now open to visitors.
When the Great War begun ( in 1914 for the Austro-Hungary, in 1915 for the Reign of Italy ) Arabba was just on the military front of the Dolomites: in these places the Great War went on bitterly for many months  and left many traces all around, as fortresses, tunnels, military and memorial monuments, which are now open to visitors as proof of the hardest moments of humanity. Visit the places of the Great World War in the Dolomites and live again the most important moments of IWW.
A way to discover the Sella Ladin people, with a very special museum: The Museum of History, Uses, Costumes and Traditions of Ladin People, in Pieve di Livinallongo. History, Tradition, artisan goods and ladin culture for an interesting full immersion in the past. Don't miss a visit  to the Ladin Museum in Livinallongo del Col di Lana.