A village that guards the memory of the peasant life in the past

The small hamlet of L' Andria which is located above the village of Santa Fosca was one of the first settlements of the valley. The two main factors why the first inhabitants of Selva di Cadore chose this area were the excellent position enjoyed relative to the sun and the presence of a lot of water resulting from the small river Losquisoi.

L 'Andria still retains the characteristics of the typical village of the Dolomites, in this ancient village you can admire the architecture of mountain barns and old houses, the typical "Barconele" mullioned windows present in almost all the old barns . Continuing across the country there are two small churches, of the Madonna of the Snows and the San Osvaldo, the "Faer" for the drying of the bean, the "Travai" for shoeing cows, wooden troughs and the mill in Toffol.

At the tourist office in the square of Selva di Cadore it is available a brochure of the Cultural Route of L' Andria, where the architectural features of this little gem and the rural life that once animated him are described.

Walking in L'Andria

Walking historical and cultural at the village of L'Andria. The village of L'Andria was one of the first settlements in the territories.