trekking on the footsteps of the dinosaurs

Difficultymedium Length2 km Time1.30 h one way

Hike to the rock where they were found by Vittorino Cazzetta the Footsteps of the Dinosaurs, at the time the first discovery with these characteristics in Italy . From Staulanza step we take the path n. 472 and along the forest borders the Monte Pelmetto and leads you cross the path that climbs the boulder. The path that leads you in some sections is slippery seen the bottom of gravel and groud, already from the bottom you can see the boulder and  pass through the mugo pines climb toward the side of Mount Pelmetto and reach the site of the discovery. Here you can see three distinct tracks of dinosaurs of the Triassic period. The view is very nice, a sea of mountain pine stands at our feet and in front stands the Monte Civetta.

  • Gear: Technical mountain clothing, trekking shoes or boots and sticks
  • Pelmo Dolomite Group
  • mountain path - scree Ground
  • Staulanza Pass Start
  • The boulder of the Dinosaur Footprints Finish
  • summer and autumn Time of the year
  • medium Popularity