The streams of the Val Fiorentina coming down from the high mountains Dolomite the most popular is Mount Pelmo, they are the ideal place for those who love sport fishing. Walking on the edge of the streams explore in the greenery with the sound of the stream that murmurs next to us it is a way to live fishing and relax.

In our creeks where the water is cold during the whole time of the year, live the brook trout. In nearby Lake of Alleghe you can go fishing on the lake or in other areas where the Catch and release fish caught must be immediately released, this to safeguard our fish patrimony. Before going out you should read the rules of the fisching basin No 5 "Agordino", basin to which also belong the streams of Selva di Cadore, to buy the permit you can ask at the Tourist Office in the square in Selva di Cadore.


Geocaching is a modern "treasure hunt " that has been practiced for several years around the world. Participants called Geocacher with the help of a GPS or simply an app available on smartphones go in search of caches that in most cases they are containers of various shapes and sizes which is located inside the notbook, a small booklet where the geocacher notes the finding of the cache occurred. Even in the woods and meadows of the Val Fiorentina some cache has been hidden in particular places, just to discover the valley while having fun in this treasure hunt 2.0.

Nordic walking

Literally "Nordic walking" this sporting activity has been widespread in recent years and more and more are the ppasionates who practice it. It consists of a walk through the help of sticks, this combination allows you to train certain muscles that would not be trained with the normal walk among them the lats, triceps, biceps, shoulders, abdominals and spinal. The rhythmic cadence of movements between arms, legs and body is the basis of a good technique and a healthy training.


Nordik Walking