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The Iron and Nail Museum

The "ciodarot", an ancient craft of Zoldo
The Iron and Nail Museum

For centuries iron has been the protagonist of the Zoldo Valley. The excavations on the slopes, the noise of the sledge hammers and the smell of carbon smoke have marked the passage through these mountains for a very long time. Apart from the numerous names of mining and metal working origin, the territory no longer preserves many direct references to the ancient occupation of iron working and nail production, but the desire remains strong of the entire community to recount its own history through memories of the past. It is precisely through individual and collective memories that they wanted to start off the reconstruction of the last hundred years of the work of the blast furnaces, from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century.

A period which saw the local blacksmiths specialising in the production of nails and shoe lasts while slowly abandoning the occupations connected with iron. An attempt was made to throw some light on the human and working conditions of the nail-makers through the indirect witnesses of that world.

Nobody makes nails like they do in Zoldo”. The skill of the nail makers was a source of pride for the locals.

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Ethnographic museum of Goima

Museum of uses and costumes

Here we find a collection of typical objects crafted by the local people, divided into various sections: agriculture, metallurgy, forestry, dairy farming, spinning and weaving. Then there are their clothes, shoes and typical costumes.

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Messner Mountain Museum

The museum in the clouds
Messner Mountain Museum

Placed in a point of natural and historical value, the Messner Mountain Museum of Monte Rite dominates the surrounding valleys.
The central theme of the exhibition curated by the great mountaneer is the rock, the real soul of the mountain.

The museum is reachable in shuttle bus starting from Passo Cibiana, a service operative from 1st June to 30th September from 9.00 a.m. Or, if you prefer making an excursion, you can reach it from the different paths from the zoldano and cadorino faces.

On the top of Mount Rite, it is possible enjoying a landscape at 360 degrees on the surrounding valleys, visiting the museum and relaxing at the closed refuge. 

Pic. Franco Voglino


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Pieve di Zoldo museum center

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