The Palafavera Biathlon Range

The Palafavera Biathlon Range offers events and competitions, but also a wide range of recreational sporting activities for everyone who wants to approach this fascinating discipline. The welcoming facility, located inside the unique landscapes of the Dolomites, and the qualified staff of the structure, ready to guide you in this new experience, will make your holidays there memorable.
It is located at an altitude of 1550 meters in Val di Zoldo, has several rings of variable difficulty for a total length of 7.5 Km (4.6 miles); the track alternates very technical parts suitable for expert and well-trained athletes to easier slopes on which beginners and families can enjoy some moments of sport in the nature.
Tracks' technical data:
a) "Campo Scuola" (Training Ground): green piste of 1.3 km (0,8 miles);
b) "Le Loche": blue piste of 3 km (1.8 miles)
c) "Val dei Spin": red piste from 4,5 to 5,5 km (2.8 - 3.4 miles)
d) black piste with the 2 variations "Ru del Termen" and "Col dal Fer" of 7.5 km (4.6 miles)
At the entrance of the Cross Country Ski Centre there is also a training ground for beginners; all the tracks of the Palafavera Centre are homologated for national and international competitions. Furthermore, there are a ticket/information office, locker rooms with bathrooms and showers, a ski room and the offices of the Nordic Ski School.
Besides professional athletes, the Palafavera Centre offers, thanks to its highly-qualified staff, many activities for beginners and enthusiasts: guided visits through the centre, shooting tests (after a complete thoretical lessons on how to hold the weapon and on the security rules of the structure), contests and sporting events. 

Cross-country ski and biathlon centre in Palafavera.

Loc. Palafavera 32010 Val di Zoldo - BL 

tel: 327 0713586

e-mail: [email protected]