The Land of ice cream makers

The tradition of Ice cream making between Mount Pelmo and the Civetta

What does a valley in the heart of the Dolomites have in common with ice cream, a natural refresher during hot sunny summers and in scorching climates?

It’s a long story about people with courage and dedication. It’s a successful story of generations to generations that started at the end of the 19th Century to the present day. Zoldani and Cadorini had already reached the corners of the world as emigrants when the first ones began to produce and sell ice cream in the bordering countries. No one knows when and how ice cream was invented, nor how the recipe reached the first ice cream makers of the valleys of the Dolomites.

What we do know is that thanks to the people of these lands, who were the first to spread the culture of ice cream worldwide, it is now one of the most popular Italian patisserie skills in the world. Expertise and professionalism in producing a high quality homemade ice cream; dedication and self-sacrifice are the ingredients of a migration phenomenon that took place after World War II and that has populated Europe today with successful ice cream shops from Zoldo and Cadore.

Now that the phenomenon of Italian ice cream has taken on a global dimension, do not be surprised if on entering an ice cream shop in Frankfurt, Tokyo or Buenos Aires you happen to be greeted by one of our fellow countryman!

The authentic homemade ice cream

The authentic homemade ice cream

There are many types of ice cream on the market, but when it comes to really healthy and natural ice cream, the homemade version is unbeatable. Homemade ice cream is synonymous with fresh and genuine products selected with care: cocoa, vanilla, milk, eggs, sugar, fresh fruit. As well as selecting high quality raw materials, attention is given to the preparation, the ability to measure out the ingredients and respect timings and processing methods that transform a simple food in a joy for the palette. Let’s not forget: making homemade ice cream is an art!

The production stages:

1 - Cooking the mixture
2 - Preparing the machine with salt and ice
3 - Pouring the mixture
4 - Freezing