Nordic Walking - Alle Palanche Tour

1 ora
Pecol (1388 m)
Località "Le Palanche"

This is a very easy, relaxing walk, perfect for those who are trying Nordic Walking for the first time. The route develops among fields and pine and larch forests at the base of the Foppe and in view of the Southern towers of the Civetta, with gorgeous scenery featuring of mountain lakes and the Maè waterfalls, as well as the Pelmo. From the little square in Pecol Vecchio (surrounded by old houses and the church that was restored after a fire in the autumn of 1961) cross the Maè on a narrow bridge and continue along the rural road (marked 586) that heads West towards the Lendina slope of the Civetta, following the signs that read: “percorso ginnico”. About 250 metres after the bridge, near casa Bellini, you can see the so called Casa Sporca (Dirty House), where in ancient times there was an iron foundry which was still on record as late as 1936 but now has completely disappeared; a little further on, in a fenced off area to the right, there is a small herd of Scottish cows with long horns and shaggy coats that graze here year round and attract the curiosity of passing tourists. Then the road passes next to the small  mountain dairy called del Zorzi; it goes up for a brief stretch in the woods and then smoothes out until it reaches a junction in the village of Pian de la Miniera (or Pian de le Fraghe, 1433 m, 15 min; on the left the trail marked 586 proceeds for the Val di Pecol). Continuing on flat land towards the West  (trail 587) for about 1250 metres you come to another junction; here you leave trail  587 (that goes up to the left in the direction of Val Civetta) to continue towards the course of the Maè torrent. You get to the village of  “Le Palanche” (which means “runways”; 30 min.) where, in addition to enjoying the open pastures and the bubbling pools and falls of the torrent, there is a little shelter where you can sit at a table and enjoy a brown bag lunch or have a barbeque with friends. 
To go back to  Pecol, cross the torrent on the little wooden bridge and right afterwards go right (east; to the left you go up in the direction of the Coldài) to follow along the wide mule path that goes back to the village counter clockwise; with moderate up and down passages, between open pastures that give way to fabulous views, you cross the Val Fontana, pass under the Le Coste chair lift and go pack to the starting point.


Nordic Walking shoes and sticks


1445 m quota massima
Positive elevation gain
57 m