Nordic Walking - Tour Pian del Crep (Val di Zoldo)

1 ora e 30 minuti circa
Zoldo Alto (cabinovia Pian del Crep)
Pian del Crep 1650 m

From Zoldo Alto take the cable car lift that goes up to Pian del Crep, where you find the chalet of the same name. From here take a white road, passing through woods and over fields, and go down until you arrive in the area that is a ski slope in winter. Cross the ski slope to take the path marked CAI 586 to Forcella della Grava (1784 m). Following the trail marked CAI 558 you arrive near the lodge called rifugio”Su’n Paradis”. Head East of the lodge and take a small path that goes to the old mule trail that goes to Pian del Crep. Along the itinerary you can enjoy majestic views of the Civetta, whose rocks take on different colours and hues throughout the day, giving the admirer incredible thrills.


Nordic Walking shoes and sticks


Massima: 1882 m
Positive elevation gain
117 m