Climbing and vie ferrate in Val di Zoldo

Zoldo was one of the valleys where the great history of mountain climbing in the Dolomites has developed. The walls of the Civetta and Mount Pelmo have rapresented and still represent now the emblem in the Alps of mountaineering. We must not forget the Moiazza, the Spiz of Mezodì and the Bosconero, with high and vertical walls, and rocks where you can find many mountaineering routes of high quality level. Also climbing in the valley offers many possibilities, with walls suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced climbers. The wall of "Calleda" on Passo Duran, or in Val Barance over the village Pralongo, or again, the more famous Val dele Ziolère, are some examples to climb in breathtaking landscapes. 


The vie ferrate

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