Excursions and walks in Val di Zoldo

Excursions, babytrekking, tours, easy walks and more to experience the Dolomites.

Excursions and walks

Excursions and walks

The mountains of Val di Zoldo offer to their visitors itineraries of all difficulties, among breath-taking landscapes, from the most difficult vie ferrate, or from hiking trails of medium difficulty, to the easiest walks. 

Walking in Val di Zoldo means to know a story. Among the hamlets, in the woods and on the rocks you can discover a rich variety of landscapes. 

A pleasure that will not leave you disappointed.

A destination of great satisfation, under the most beautiful mountains of the world, the Dolomites.

Discovering an athentic nature. 


See more about the horse riding and the Nordic walking itineraries.


Excursions and walks

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