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Easy walks

Paths for all the ages and for families
Easy walks

In Val di Zoldo every path has its story to tell. An ancient "maso" (the traditional hay-loft) surrounded by nature, glades, fresh brooks and magical lakes, where you will rest your soul. Walking along easy paths but rich of enchantment is a renewed pleasure, to feel together your family. Simple and brief walks, perfect for the youngest and the adults, in the woods or in the villages of the valley. A sweet way to discover the stories of people, the traditions, and true places to relax, reachable in less time and without too much effort. Experiencing the Dolomites has never been so easy!

All the colors and the emotions of the Dolomites become an experience for everyone, on paths that in few steps will lead you to places of historical and architectural interest, as the tour "giro dei Mas" or the ancient mining village Arsiera, panoramic, with the stunning views from the villages Coi and Pieve di Zoldo, or Val Pramper, and naturalist, as the Alpine lakes of Vach, Fertazze and Piredei, loved in particular by children in thier first approaches to the secrets of nature.

Nordic Walking

The wellness in nature
Nordic Walking

Val di Zoldo is well suited to the practice of Nordic walking, offering different paths easy to walk and with low altitudes. An interesting discipline which will give you great physical and mental benefits, for all the ages and all athletic training. From the wide meadows of Val Pramper, to the walks under Mount Pelmo, and then again, in the wood of Fagaré, enjoying the colours of the seasons. 

For the beginners, it is possible to contact a qualified instructor of the Italian School of Nordic walking, to organize your outdoor experience in the Dolomites.

For information please contact us at e-mail turismo@valdizoldo.net.


Tour of Mount Pelmo, crossing the Civetta and more!

During summer Val di Zoldo is an ideal destination for excursionists and alpinists. The Pelmo, Civetta, Bosconero and Mezodì’s groups offer itineraries of all difficulties in an exclusive environment. In this website you will find the topos for the following ferrate: Alleghesi and Tissi which reach the summit of Civetta, as well as easier itineraries and walks along Val di Zoldo.

From the bottom of the valley, thanks to comfortable lifts, everyone can effortlessly reach 2000 metres altitude in a short time. From there the mountains of the Veneto region can be admired, moving easily from valley to valley discovering unexpected scenery, distinguished by magical moments of silence. Mountain biking lovers will find ideal itineraries which wind through meadows and woods.

Up there Civetta’s generous nature will brighten up excursions with unexpected experiences: the marmot’s whistle, the roe-buck’s cry, the glimpse of the solitary, shy chamois. The luckier ones who look up to the sky, will also admire the eagle flying, sovereign guardian of the Dolomites’ summits, which has chosen its refuge here.

Riding in Val di Zoldo

Horseback riding
Riding in Val di Zoldo

Discovering the Dolomites in complete connection with nature, riding a wonderful horse, along panoramic and easy itineraries, to feel totally the landscapes of Val di Zoldo.

Val di Pecol, the “Lach”, Baita Civetta: among hamlets, woods and beautiful glades and pastures, accompanied by a trusty friend, which will lead you on a dream.

From this year also in Cadore, at Cibiana and Borca, contacting the restaurant Taulà dei Bos in Cibiana: Tel. 0435.540039.

For horse riding in Val di Zoldo, contact Zoldo mountains: Tel. +39 339 6229077
E.mail: zoldomountains@hotmail.it 


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