Val di Zoldo

The breath of the Dolomites Unesco




A valley between Pelmo and the Civetta

The Civetta
A valley between Pelmo and the Civetta


It separates Val di Zoldo from the Agordino area. The north-west face is characterised by an impressive wall, situated between Cima Su Alto and Torre Coldai. In the mountaineering world it is called “the wall of walls” and along it there are many climbing itineraries.

The Rifugio Torrani is on the less steep side facing Zoldo. Near Mount Coldai, you can reach the Rifugio Sonino al Coldai and its beautiful Alpine lake, and in the middle, on the side facing Agordino, you will find the Rifugio Tissi.


Mount Pelmo


The "God's Throne" or Mount Pelmo is placed among Val di Zoldo, Val Fiorentina e Valle del Boite. The mountain has a particular shape since it has two main summits: the Pelmetto and the Pelmo. 

At its base there are three mountain huts: Rifugio Venezia to the east, Rifugio Città di Fiume on the north-west and Rifugio Passo Staulanza to the west. Mount Pelmo is also famous paleontologically speaking: at its base, not far from Rifugio Staulanza, a stone with dinosaur footprints was found.