Val di Zoldo

The breath of the Dolomites Unesco

In Summer, the valley turns into a fascinating destination for  excursions at high altitudes, on Mount Pelmo, the Civetta or the Moiazza groups. Among the many possible itineraries, the footprints of dinosaurs at the foot of  Mount Pelmetto. footprints of prehistoric animals dating back to 250 million years ago.

In Winter, Zoldo is the perfect place for skiers, or to practice ski mountaineering, cross-country skiing, and biathlon. A paradise of fresh and powdered snow, to enjoy with snowshoes walking together on the most beautiful paths, or just close to the fire in a warm mountain hut.  



Val di Zoldo and the Dolomites Unesco


Val di Zoldo is one of the most emblematic areas of the Dolomites Unesco World Heritage for geological and landscape reasons. Inside the soul of its surrounding mountains, there are rocks which can project its visitors through time, in a journey of almost 150 million years. This extraordinary geological heritage has created the framework of the present landscape.

Val di Zoldo is located between the Unesco system 1 (Mount Pelmo - Croda da Lago) and Unesco system 3 (Pale di San Martino, San Lucano, Dolomites Belluno, Vette Feltrine).

A valley between Pelmo and the Civetta

The Civetta
A valley between Pelmo and the Civetta

It separates Val di Zoldo from the Agordino area and acts as a beautiful frame to the town of Alleghe. The north-west face is characterised by an impressive wall, with a vertical height gain of 1200 m and is 4 km long, situated between Cima Su Alto and Torre Coldai. In the mountaineering world it is called “the wall of walls” and along it there are many climbing itineraries. Among these: Solleder-Lettembauer, Philipp-Flamm, the routes Aste and Andrich on Punta Civetta, the Carlesso route on Torre di Valgrande, Bellenzier on Torre d'Alleghe and many other very difficult routes. The small Torrani hut is on the less steep side facing Zoldo. To the north of the group near Mount Coldai is the Rifugio Sonino al Coldai, and in the middle, on the side facing Alleghe, you will find the Tissi hut.


Mount Pelmo

Mount Pelmo is 3.169 m high and separates Val di Zoldo from the Boite valley. The mountain has a particular shape since it has two main summits which are Pelmo to the north, and Pelmetto to the south 2990m. The mountain’s eastern face is very characteristic where the wide glacial cirque looks like a chair, and this is why it is locally called “el Caregon del Padreterno” (God’s Throne). At its base there are three mountain huts: Rifugio Venezia-Alba Maria De Luca 1.947m to the east, Rifugio Città di Fiume 1.918 m on the north-west and Rifugio Passo Staulanza 1.766 m to the west. Mount Pelmo is also famous paleontologically speaking: at its base, at an altitude of 2.050 m, not far from Rifugio Staulanza, a stone with dinosaur footprints was found.