The snow shoes, known as ciaspe, are essential footwear for wintertime mountain walks, where the terrain is covered with snow and few footpaths paths are beaten.
These snow shoes trace their origins back to ancient times, used to move effortlessly around snow-covered ground without sinking. They eventually fell into disuse but have now been rediscovered and are once again extremely popular in Cadore. They are widely used for trips on foot of different lengths, for hikes of varying difficulty along summer trails, and also to reach Alpine refuges.
In their early days these snow shoes were made of wood and rope, but these days some innovative plastic materials are used, making them lighter both to wear and to carry. They also now have articulated fastenings for a more natural gait that does not require excessive effort.
There are a vast number of routes to choose from, but we recommend you put yourself in the hands of an expert guide. In the winter the mountains are a truly magical place with their blanket of the purest white snow, but newcomers really should have a competent instructor by their side who will advise them about the best routes to choose based on their degree of preparation and fitness.