Pieve di Cadore marks the natural gateway to the heart of the Belluno Dolomites, approaching from the south. It sits at 878 metres above sea level and is only an hour and a half away from the glories of Venice.
The administrative and cultural hub of central Cadore, it is a place in which art, nature and culture blend together to perfection.
The town was the birthplace of the famous Renaissance painter Titian (Tiziano Vecellio), whose house is now open to visitors wishing to delve into history and memories. Pieve is also home to the Palazzo della Magnifica Comunità di Cadore containing MARC, the Archaeological Museum of Cadore, which displays a treasure trove of archaeological finds from various parts of the Cadore Valley. There is also the Museo dell’Occhiale at the Palazzo Cos.Mo, a unique showcase dedicated to eyewear and optics with over four thousand exhibits making it possible to reconstruct the whole history of the humble pair of spectacles.
Pieve di Cadore is bursting with attractions for nature-lovers, with numerous hiking trails of varying difficulty, starting off from Pozzale, Tai, Nebbiù and Sottocastello. For the most expert, indefatigable hikers the Vedorcia balcony provides stunning views that will simply take your breath away.
From the summit of Monte Ricco, location of a WW1 fortress, you can take in a view of Lago Centro Cadore surrounded by the magnificent Dolomite peaks of Spalti di Toro and Marmarole. A pleasant walk to Parco del Roccolo, with a wonderful view of the lake, gives you the chance to discover Father Christmas’ house.
The cycle trail La Lunga Via delle Dolomiti can be travelled by bike or on foot with all the family. You can either head north toward Cortina d’Ampezzo taking in nearly all the little villages of the Cadore Dolomiti area, or head downhill toward Belluno.
The cultural attractions and natural wonders make Pieve di Cadore the ideal holiday destination for anyone keen on sport or with a love of nature and history.