Hiking has been a very important activity for Cadore valley, because it has made it famous and well known all over the world, since the beginning of the Twentieth Century. Italian and foreign hikers have written books and stories, making the Dolomites the most favourite holiday destination. 

Cadore is ideal for hiking: its territory includes hills, forests and green meadows, but also high peaks and harsh rocks, with many routes, pathes, vie ferrate and peaks to climb that will satisfy everybody. 

Club Alpino Italiano takes care of many hiking tracks and signs them with the typical colours white and red and with a number.

It's better to follow the pathes in order not to get lost.

It's very important to have a map and to learn to read and understand it, though you go hiking with an alpine guide. The map also lets you know the name of the mountains around you.

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Study and plan your excursion, consider your skills and your limits and ask for detailed information about the itinerary. Don't minimize the difficulties and the length of the track, take into consideration your experience and strength. Looking at the local weather forcasting is extremely important.

Bring the map with you, at least on a scale 1:25.000 centimeters and, though you are with an alpine guide, it's better to be able to read and understand a map. The map will also show you the name of beautiful Dolomites.

In your backpack, bring something to drink and to eat, plasters and a little bottle of disinfectant. Clothing is linked to season, but in the mountain weather conditions can change quickly, so it's better to wear layered clothing and bring a waterproof raincoat. Shoes are very important to walk: choose a pair with vibram soles and high to protect your ankles. Sunglasses and hat may be useful. Sunscreen will protect your skin from the sun, because the rays are quite strong in high mountain.