San Marco Refuge

Difficulty: medium. Time required: 2½ hours.

The Scotter-Palatini and San Marco refuges are respectively about 1½ and 2½ hours along trail 228, with easier access via shuttle to Scotter- Palatini refuge (1580m) with its stunning views. A half-hour walk brings you to the San Marco refuge (1823m), and a further hour’s climb leads to the Forcella Grande pass, or the Galassi refuge, base-camp for scaling the Antelao peak. The steeper route along trail 225 from Chiapuzza to the San Marco refuge takes about 2 hours, then heading back along trail 225 (Podolada-Chiapuzza) for half an hour, you will fi nd the perfectlypreserved kiln, built in 1895 to fi re the local limestone to make the bricks of which the refuge is built. 

Another way to go to Rifugio San Marco is the track that climbs on the left from the Baita Sun Bar. It offers a panoramic view, but for the most part you are surrounded by the forest.

For further info about the shuttle that goes to the Scotter-Palatini Refuge, please call  +39 368 222552.