Marmolada's museum

Located directly on the battle zones at 3.000 m high: it is the highest in Europe


This museum is located on Serauta peak, it is the higest in Europe and it is directly located on the places, which were the theater of the First World War. It was created in 1990 by Bartoli Mario and Vascellari Bruno, in collaboration with other partners. 

In 2015, after twenty-five years, the association "Museo della Grande Guerra in Marmolada Onlus" and the society "Marmolada s.r.l.", on the occasion of the centenary of the Big War, designed and built a new museum. 

It offers, thanks to new tecnologies, an interactive multimedia and multisensory tour that guide the visitors to identify themselves with the high altitude weather conditions, in which the soldiers lived.

Outside the museum, during the summer season, it is possibile to see the galleries, the walkways and the posts, following a little ferrata. In one or two hours people can discover Marmolada at 360°.

The museum can be visited every day in summer and winter with  the possibility of guided tours. It is reachable through the Marmolada cable cars, at the second station.

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