Mountain Bike - Bramezza


The tiny village of  Bramezza, located high up over the Alleghe lake offers bikers multiple attractions:  first of all, the spectacular reflection in the lake  of the great rock wall of the Civetta: four kilometres long, more than 3200 m high with a rock wall that juts out for almost 1000 metres over the Val Civetta. The second attraction is the descent across the steep terrain of Bramezza to Saviner. The narrow path among fields is steep but never too difficult and experienced bikers can enjoy a fantastic downhill. The tour starts off from the parking lot at the ice arena in Alleghe. To get an idea of the lake and its surroundings, follow the road along the lake towards Masarè, then turn right to follow the ride around the lake on an asphalt road that is easy to follow. After a brief climb, we come to the village of Saviner along a gravel trail, with a slight downhill that then becomes flat along the Cordevole river to Santa Maria delle Grazie. At Saviner turn left and follow the asphalt road which is sometimes quite steep to the tiny village of  Caracoi Agoin. Here we turn left again to take a forest road uphill. Further on, at a crossroads, the road becomes steeper. At the mountain in  Bramezza, where we can replenish our water supply with spring water, we take the path to the left in a grassy zone among fields and underlying woods. Fun and fantastic views made for the perfect combination. When we arrive at Saviner we continue along on a very short stretch of bike path; then we turn onto the narrow bridge suspended over the Cordevole torrent. Continue along the bike path to the right of the road to get back on the path towards Alleghe. The tour of Bramezza is a half day itinerary which requires a state of good medical health and technical skills.



a detailed map of the area is recommended


11,97 km
Off road and asphalt road