Via Ferrata delle Trincee

solo il 1° tratto della ferrata 1 ora e 30 minuti, più 1 ora e 30 min per il Bivacco Bontadini
da Arabba, dal Passo Fedaia, da, Passo Padon, dal Passo Pordoi
Bec de Mesdì

The " Ferrata delle Trincee": this is not an easy trail, but it is fascinating and it is safe on the Padon crest, which is dark due to its volcanic origins, with a beautiful view on the Marmolada glacier and the surrounding mountains. Along the way you can see several Austrian outposts from the battles during the First World War. You can also get here easily with the cable lift from Arabba to Porta Vescovo or on foot from Passo Fedaia or with the chair lift Passo Padon or from Passo Pordoi. From Porta Vescovo a path marked in red winds around for 500 m; at first it is nearly flat towards the Southeast and then it takes a steep turn along a grassy slope until it comes under the rocks, where the cables begin. A sign marks the starting point. Right away there are 35 metres of vertical cable. If you do not take this obstacle seriously it would be better to turn back. After this it is easier to get to the grassy ledge, a cable reinforced with iron rungs takes you up the rock slab towards the windy crest. Here you begin the aerial crossing, up and down the crest that takes you to a tiny bridge suspended between two spires. After passing this, there is a smooth pillar that goes up to the highest point on the itinerary: i Bec de Mesdì (2727 m). After passing some brief exposed stretches, you begin a long descent with cables (careful not to cause rockslides) until you come to a fork. You continue up an old war path built in dry rock and in a short while you come to a landing where the battleground kitchens used to be, and an initial tunnel that served as a looking post. Now you continue along a ledge that follows the curves of the wall and takes you to a small terrace built during the hostilities; protected by the wall, it once contained a reflector used for war time communications. Through passages of vertical rock which are not at all easy even if they are equipped with steps and steel cables, you go down for about 30 m. After the last safety cords you continue to the right (follow the trail signs) on a steep, craggy, grassy incline (with no metal cable) until you come to the nearby fork that still preserves traces of military constructions, where the first part of the "Ferrata" ends. From this point you can get back to Porta Vescovo in about 15 minutes; or follow on the equipped trail marked n 636 until the Bontadini Bivouac and Passo Padon, where it meets with trail n° 699 that goes down to Arabba or to Passo di Fedaia.


Historical course with trenches and tunnels along the route


normal via ferrata set and torch


Bec de Mesdì
Est da Porta Vescovo
2727 m
Positive elevation gain
200 m circa
Best time
High (during the opening period of the cable car)