Wrought Iron in Sottoguda

Craftwork in Sottoguda: a long traditions that distinguishes the Marmolada area

When they were little more than boys, the De Biasio brothers Alfredo, Carlo and Giuseppe were sent by the Vallazza family, who at that time ran a wrought iron craft workshop, in order to learn the basics of the trade. In 1926, they returned home anxious to set up their own business, and founded the Fratelli De Biasio firm, which began working the iron to create small decorative objects to be sold to the few tourists who in those days ventured into the valley. The brothers wew self-taught, and always refused to resort to mechanical means to carry out their work. 

The present

The present

This typical wrought-iron craft is able to produce a wide range of decorative objects; the tradition of a steady hand skilfully sculpting a piece of metal into a work of art, handed down and improved upon from one generation to the next, allows craftsmen to shape the iron into smooth curves which blend in perfectly which belnd inperfectly with every environment.

There are two workshops where visitors can buy a wide range of wrought iron objects or simply admire the larger, more elaborate pieces on display: a black rouse, a woodpecker, an eagle owl - and further on, with the expressive force of art in its purest form, a black eagle immortalized upon landing.