The local dishes of Marmolada and Rocca Pietore

To discover the ancients flavors

The local cuisine, now rediscovered by prestigious restaurants, is based on simple and precius recipes made with genuine local products. The tradition is handed down form generation to generation in order to don't lost the old tast and flavours.


Local dishes

Local dishes

Among the typical specialities, highly recommended are “casonzièi”, pumpkin ravioli with ricotta and melted butter that can also be prepared with spinach, potatoes and savoury wild herbs (called grìsoi or gamèita) and “turtole” (in the Val Pettorina): small rounds of pasta filled with sauerkraut or spinach and fried in boiling hot oil. 

One of the most important disches of the area is the "bale" or "balòte" (otherwise known as Canederli, a kind of savoury dumpling) prepared with speck, spinach of cheese that can be eaten with stew, with broth or with salad. Other typical delicacies are game with wild herbs and polenta and "menèstra da orz", barley soup with smoked pork shin. Many sweets are also well worth a taste, such as "fiorostide" and "tortiei da pom" (apple fritters). It's also important to remember the traditional grappa, flavoured with cumin, mountain pine, juniper, blueberries and strawberries.


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