Old legend of Rocca Pietore and Marmolada area

Stories handed down from generation to generation, from centuries

The oral trasmission from father to son, from grand father to grandson, of stranges stories, sometimes impossible, was a true tradition. The Dolomites is a rich land of fantastic legends and stories because the inhabitants had particular beliefs connected with the ambience where they live: very hostile but as enchanting.

This stories had also something real and they trasmitted teaching to the young people that listened. The areas of Val Pettorina and Laste are very rich of this legends and there are many books that report them, also in the original language. the Ladino.


The legends collection of the Dolomites

The principal legends, that are collected in the book "Leggende Ladine delle Dolomiti" written by the Union Ladins de La Ròcia, are: Re Ombro e Ombretta, Il fienile delle zucche, La Donaza e il Donazin, Le Ondine del Lèch dai Giai and many others... You can buy this book at the Tourist Office of Sottoguda.

... Came to discover this magical places of Marmolada and Rocca Pietore