From the easiest walks in the valley, ideal for families, to the escursions at high altitude for expert hikers, but always in the heart of the Dolomites, at the presence of the Civetta mountain. Before starting your way to the top, be sure to have the right equipment and materials, always check the weather and contact an alpine guide who can accompany you or give you the right advices to enjoy your escursion in safety.

The 10 rules of a good escursionist

As recommended by corpo forestale dello stato
1. choose you itineraries according to your ability

2. Study the track through maps ( distances, altitude gap, springs, fountains, shelters...) and getting info about the real status of the terrain. Prepare an alternative route for the way back

3. Be sure to have the right clothes and equipment ( a change of the underwear, pullover, windstopper, cap, boots, sunglasses, sun cream, food and water)
4. Don't forget to bring with you something for the emergency ( thermal cloth, front light, cell, knife, compass...) together with something for the first aid

5. Never go alone, in case tell someone your destination and the itinerary 

6. Check the weather: rain , snow, avalanches, and wind before and during the escursion

7. If you're not sure about the way, go back. Sometimes it's better to give up than to risk an incident

8. Bring back with you the rubbish

9. Respect animals and plants, don't go out of the path. Respect  culture and tradition

10. For the emergency dial 118, service of first aid