The First World War in Marmolada

Memories of painful events

Stories of big pains

The Dolomites were the theatre of the Firs World War. From the simple soldier to illeterate mountaineer, from the boy to much younger to be a soldier, to the women find herself alone to handle the families. Everybody aren't excluded from this tragic events. 

The stories of this men are infinity and they force is give from the precariusness of all existences in war. All action, that people made, all thought that people had, can be the late and all moments are good to die.

Today there are precise projects to recuperate and valorize everything that this atrocious battle leave on the territory. The tracks of this 29 very long month of the fights, alive from the time, increase the suggestion and the beauty of the landscape, teaching to observe, to know and to learn.

To visit this places, there are identify some routes with varied lenght and difficult. Some of them are accessible from people with reduce mobility. They develop between Marmolada and Col di Lana. 

From Monte Migon of Laste with Col Toront and Col da Daut to Monte Foppa, Padon and Mesola with Ornella Mountain till Spiz de Mezdì and Sasso Cappello there are important military work that prove, today, the big strategic value of the right sector of High Val Cordevole. 

Marmolada area remains the principal battle front and in 1915 the border Italy-Austria cut the glacier from Penia peak through Sasso delle Undici, descends to Fedaia Pass. The Queen of the Dolomites is famouse also for its "Ice City": galleries and recoveries excaved in the ice to protect from the battle which take place on the surface.

The places of this battles are visible during the summer season started from Malga Ciapela with the Marmolada's cable car for the Holy zone of Serauta (2.950 m.) and Punta Rocca (3.250 m.).


The places of the memories

... on the soldiers's trails in Marmolada and Rocca Pietore

The itineraries to discover the rests of the First World War