Magical "metamorphosis" beneath the Marmolada

Tradition and knoledge from generation

There is more to the Dolomites than pale-coloured rock faces, green fields and romantic sunset. Our mountains are also home to fables, legends, mysteries. At Sottoguda, at the entrance to the wild Serrai di Sottoguda gorge, since ancient times the natural gateway to the Marmolada, two craftsmen - father and son - use traditional tools to give wood a magical makeover. 

The art of the wood processing

A trade that goes back a very long way in the mountains, wood-carving. countinues to be a widespread activity throughtout our valleys for making tools and utensils useful for everyday activities. These days large factories on the plain have largely replaced these ancient trades, and the handiwork of traditional craftsmen has become an increasingly rare, valuable commodity. The skilful hand of these remaining artisans continue to shape the wood of the local trees into the faces of little gnomes with long beards, naughty elves and splendid wood-nymphs, guardians of an enchanted kingdom that has not quite vanished yet. Everything is inspired by the local legends.