Enrosadira Center Coaching


Alessia Pompanin, graduated as Life Coach at the school "Incoaching" of Milan, offers personal growth paths through the support of horses, in a unique context in the heart of the Dolomites.  The session/s are held outdoor in the company of a herd of 7 horses: thus, every moment is lived in complete freedom of expression, both by people and animals.  The encounter with horses gives the opportunity to turn your life around, it hands over the right tools to achieve what you want and it helps you finding freedom. You can finally find out who you are, let your ego go in order to understand what to do in every moment of your life, to clear your vision by bringing your focus on the place you want to be.  Horses bring you back to the present, to the HERE and NOW, your mind and body relax: in this way you find your inner EQUI-librium and you can understand what to do afterwards in order to maintain a calm and constant state of mind. Connect the perception of what you have around you to be able to see things that others cannot see, to become you the co-creator of the reality that you seek so much.  Another important benefit that you get during a session with these beautiful animals is to develop the power of intention: an important tool to improve your life through curiosity, attention, perseverance and resilience.  If you want to stop by just for a visit, you are always welcome! Alessia and the Enrosadira herd are waiting for you.

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Via Campo di sopra, 21 - 32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)

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