Cortina offers many spectacular itineraries for every type of MTB enthusiasts, from scenic routes at altitude and excursions that take in lush meadows and mountain huts, to downhill routes and challenging tours that require a good level of fitness. Whatever your preference and type of ride, your efforts are always rewarded with magnificent Dolomite views!.

Choose your perfect bike route from our selection of signposted itineraries suitable for kids, beginners or experienced riders.

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With the E-bike, even the most challenging itineraries and far-away destinations become accessible for everyone. Enjoy 100km of assisted biking and a spare battery just in case. Child seats are available for family excursions.

Cortina offers a vast number of beautiful itineraries for every type of biker, with more than 700km of routes,  including downhill and skill parks. Other bike services include refuges, bike hotels and a bike pass giving access to uphill facilities for rides at altitude.  


Learn to ride the mountain bike in the heart of the Dolomites at 2,055m above sea level! Have fun in the brand new skill park in the Lagazuoi 5 Torri Giau area, with obstacles, bridges, jumps and technical tracks at various levels of difficulty. The park has been designed specifically for the purpose of allowing children to approach the sport and for young bikers to improve their technique, while parents enjoy the sunshine and the view from one of the nearby terraces.

Info: Rifugio Col Gallina
Tel. 0039 0436 2939
New: Bike Skill Park at Sopiazes

The brand new skill park is created on a flat area near Lake Bandion, at the bottom of the ski slope that descends from Col Drusciè. It is subject to continuous improvement and is equipped with teaching aids on a daily basis. A circular track is created in the nearby forest which contains a loop with a series of undulations on the uphill stretch, designed to improve balance, followed by a descent with relatively challenging parabolic curves which require some practice. A third area contains easy parabolic curves for beginners, and the lower part of the skill park is dedicated to jumps with three structures formed by two 20cm jumps, a 50cm jump and a third structure with a jump of a height of 100cm. This area also includes a structure designed to improve balance. The various areas are divided into loops dedicated to improving specific skills, but they can also be connected to create one large obstacle course.

The Skill Park of Sopiazes is open to bikers accompanied by an MTB instructor.

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