Cortina offers more than 400 kilometers of signposted footpaths and hiking trails through meadows and forests, including itineraries with wonderful views – such as the Col Rosà route which takes you to the Fanes waterfalls, or a trip to the magnificent natural caves of the Tofana di Rozes.
Experience high altitude hikes with breathtaking views, enjoy peaceful walks within the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites and excursions to alpine lakes such as Lake Sorapis where sheer white rock faces plunge into an emerald-colored lake.The vast number of trails in the mountains surrounding Cortina, a landscape steeped in history and legend, allow hikers to discover the most magical, and often least known areas of the Dolomites.

For expert walkers there are challenging itineraries involving long climbs along gravely gorges or traverses across the great Dolomite peaks. There are itineraries suitable for Nordic Walking and  guided nature walks with educational content for young and old alike, as well as hikes accompanied by expert mountain guides whose in-depth local knowledge is guaranteed to enrich the experience. 

The Hiking Pass gives you access to all the lifts in the valley. Multiple-day hut-to-hut treks, such as the Tour of the Dolomites, is available with luggage transport.
Hike through history and legends to discover the Pale Mountains. A large network of signposted hiking trails allow you to discover the most beautiful and fascinating corners of the Ampezzo Dolomites. Do not miss the Via dei Dinosauri (the Dinosaur walk), where you will see dinosaur footprints from 220 million years ago. The Man of Mondeval hike takes you to a burial site at 2,000m altitude dating from 5000 B.C.

The Giro della Grande Guerra (The Great War Tour) is an open air cultural experience on spectacular mountain trails immersed in history in the areas of Lagazuoi, 5 Torri and Sasso di Stria, where important battles took place during First World War.



Trail of the Planets

An easy walk to explore the solar system and its planets.  Along the route, which connects Pié Tofana with Col Drusciè, excursionists will find a series of panels with images of the sun and the planets, arranged at a distance which reflects their actual position in the sky.  Illustrations containing key data and distinguishing parameters of the various celestial bodies, make for an extraordinary walk that ends at the Helmut Ullrich Astronomical Observatory. A 30 minute itinerary suitable for everyone.
Trail of the Universe

The Trail of the Planets has been extended by adding the Trial of the Universe, a 450 m loop through the forest which allows excursionists to stroll through the entire universe, both in terms of space and of time.
10 large panels are positioned along the route illustrating the stars, nebulae, clusters and galaxies, in the same scale used in the Trail of the Planets. The itinerary can be walked in either direction, i.e. either upwards, and thus starting the imaginary journey with the Big Bang and the creation of the Universe and up to today, arriving at our Sun positioned at the Observatory, or alternatively,  travelling backwards in time and space.
In the latter case, you encounter the stars closest to us first (Sirius and the Pleiades) and then move on among the spirals of the Milky Way, among nebulae and clusters (M42 and M13). After an imaginary journey of 2 million light years, you reach the nearest galaxy to the Earth, Andromeda (M31), the clusters and super clusters of other galaxies and distant quasars (3C273), and on to the furthest borders of the Universe when matter, time and space did not yet exist.


Experience the Dolomite landscapes bathed in moonlight, accompanied by an Alpine Guide, along easy and scenic itineraries. Cortina has no shortage of options for hiking under the stars, when the silence of nature is even more intense and space and colour take on new and unexpected forms. 

Stop in one of the many welcoming mountain refuges for some fine, high altitude dining. Stay in the refuge overnight and be bewitched by the spectacle of dawn breaking over the Dolomite peaks, a truly unforgettable experience.