A tennis match offers totally different sensations when played in Cortina, with views of the Dolomites. Play great forehands and backhands on the finest courts in the Queen of the Dolomites.
Where you can play

Public structure:
Tennis A.R. Apollonio
Courts: 3 in Astro Turf, 2 in clay
Extra services: locker room, shower, federal master
Open: may - september
Phone: +39 0436 2848
Private structure:
Tennis Country Club
Courts: 4 in clay and 1 indoor
Extra services: 1 padel court, 1 football court, 1 biliard room
Open: all the year
Phone: +39 0436 868486
Hotel Franceschi
Courts: 1 outdoor court in tartan
Open: from 15th june to 30th september from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm
Phone: +39 334 3008013


Enjoy the unique thrill of skating in the historic Olympic Ice Stadium that hosted the 1956 Olympics
Cortina’s Ice Stadium offers a 30x60 m ice skating rink, instructors, a solarium, bar service and children’s play equipment.
In addition, the stadium is also open in summer, and so you can enjoy the experience even in the hottest months.
Via A. Bonacossa, 1
Open: july – september 10.30-12.30 16.00-18.00
Phone: +39 0436 881818


Outdoor fun for the whole family on the 18-hole mini-golf course.
Minigolf Elvetica is just a short walk from the town centre, and it provides an 18-hole course for endless fun on an afternoon in good company with family and friends.
This facility provides everything that you need to play, and has a refreshments area at which to relax after a match, enjoying the incredible views of the Dolomites.
Via del Castello, 53
Open: july-september
Phone: +39 0436 5869 


Baby Ranch Dolomiti Socrepes

The ponies Iside, Iusas, Irene and Spirit are patiently waiting for your arrival, under the watchful eye of Robin Hood, “the gentle giant”, a Shire horse, the largest breed in the world.
Theory and practical lessons are conducted by the guide Elettra Monico, providing the most appropriate introduction to the world of ponies, earning their complete cooperation in order to perform increasingly difficult exercises, both groundwork and in the saddle.

Elettra Monico +39 338 3294734
Tel. +39 0436 861263
Loc. Lacedel, 1
[email protected]

Agriturismo Enrosadira

The Enrosadira farm, in Campo at the outskirts of Cortina, is a magical world populated by Icelandic horses, raised "free" with great passion and devotion.
Children and teenagers can learn about these magnificent long-maned and friendly horses, and find out how to take care of them. A special learning occasion, where the teachers have four legs - a truly magical experience.

Agriturismo Enrosadira
loc. Campo - Cell. 0039 347 1501718
[email protected]