The base of the activity is the wonderful natural basin at the Malga Peziè di Parù Agritouristic Restaurant and Hotel a few minutes from Cortina in Località Pocol, Provincial road n.638 towards the Giau Pass.

It will be possible to carry out a Lesson with a subsequent basic excursion on snow for beginners (a detailed approach to our Sport) of the total duration of 30 minutes which include the initial theoretical lesson about driving and behavior with the Dogs + the preparation of a sled with an adequate number of Dogs + excursion driving personally a sled assisted remotely by our Staff in the Beginners School ring + final activities with the Dogs after arrival.

This activity is suitable for anyone with a minimum of physical fitness, from the age of 6 years onwards and allows you to establish a fantastic relationship with our sled Dogs. Younger children (eventually together with a parent) and disabled people, go out accompanied by an Instructor driving the sled. The recommended clothing is the classic ski suit with a full suit, or sufficiently warm trousers and anorak, gloves, hat and eventual glasses. After-ski or non-bulky trekking shoes with well-structured soles (we do not recommend Moon Boot) to allow you to move easily on the snow.

Your instructors and guides will be Ararad Khatchikian and Monica D'Eliso, Italian mushers (sled drivers and dogs) who have participated in international competitions, adventures and teaching experiences in Alaska (USA), Canadian Yukon, European Alps, Iceland, Swedish and Norwegian Lapland, literary authors and TV consultants for Italian TV RAI and TG5 of Animals *Noah's Ark *. They will be happy to share with you their many years of experience, even with their exciting stories.

The places available are limited and the activity takes place only upon reservation and once the required minimum number of participants has been reached, every Saturday and Sunday starting from December 5th 2020, from 9 am to 12 noon and from 2 pm to 4 pm. In case of bad weather an alternative day and time will be agreed.   

For reservations and information on fees and general terms and conditions, please contact by phone the Instructors Ararad 0039 348 2685867 or Monica 0039 348 3745119 e mail