The Ampezzo Valley satisfies everyone and offers moments to experience a thousand different emotions with the family.
The opportunities are heterogeneous because it is possible to go on excursions dedicated to the First World War, which also touched the Ampezzo valley, practice baby trekking, take climbing and ferrata courses for the little ones, or simply walk and admire the Dolomites.


In Cortina there is a huge choice for people looking for easy walks suitable for the whole family. Children can enjoy all sorts of experiences while strolling amongst the Dolomite peaks.
Excursions, walks in the midst of blooming meadows and small adventures to be enjoyed all together: mini-trips to the shores of magical lakes, itineraries to be followed with a pushchair in tow, and high mountain pastures where cows, ponies, horses and many other animals can be cuddled. In addition, there are specific botanical itineraries created in collaboration with the ULdA (Union dei Ladis de Anpezo) and the Regole d'Ampezzo, designed for the youngest children, so that they can learn and recognise the names of the flowers and trees that populate the Ampezzo Basin.


Cortina offers many routes that can be taken with pushchairs, offering lovely experiences even for the smallest children!
The route of the “Ex ferrovia” (disused railway) cycle path is ideal for pushchairs and the youngest cyclists. The path, which runs through the entire Ampezzo Valley, is easily accessible from the town centre, and offers gentle walks through all the surrounding villages.

Further north, there is also the Pian de Ra Spines circular route, an easy itinerary on an unpaved track that reaches the start of the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites. You can enjoy a full immersion in the peace of nature, with the sound of the river Boite running through the area, and the trees that are a constant presence along the entire route.

In addition, there is a splendid walk towards the mountain hut Malga Ra Stua: when you arrive, you will see an enchanting clearing where you can taste traditional desserts and admire the animals living in the area, grazing in the pastures.