A time of peaceful change

Spring is the season of blossoming: between March and April countless wonderful flowers start blossoming on the meadows and fields of Cortina. As snow begins to melt, colorful flowers paint with their fresh colors the hills and mountains at higher altitude, offering unique landscapes. The contrast between green flowery meadows and white peaks in the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites is simply unforgettable!

Gradually, as snow melts, mountain trails become accessible and hikers can go higher and higher on the mountains. Lakes, rivers and waterfalls show their strength and beauty, overflowing with meltwater, woods teem with wildlife and air is pure, fresh and bracing.

With the arrival of spring, days start getting warmer and longer and it’s possible to enjoy some of the best ski and snowshoeing days of the season. It’s also one of the best periods to go ski mountaineering, as snow has settled and the weather is stable.

Lassen Sie sich vom Frühling in Cortina leiten und von dem Naturorchester verzaubern, das Sie auf Ihren Spaziergängen bestaunen können.