Rosapetra Spa


Far from fashions and trends and certified by the “Made in Italy” brand, Herbal Touch, Rosapetra, together with the high competence of the SPA Manager & Supervisor, Vincenza Fresta, has designed a resort characterized by protocols, bio-cosmetic products and special equipment exclusively supplied to Cortina, dedicated to your holistic care, to prepare and awaken your identity in every way. An oasis in which atmosphere, treatments and staff work together on health and charm to recover the three perceptions of wellness:

  • Physical: joints and muscles
  • Aesthetic: skin and shape
  • Sensory: senses and emotions



Whatever the reason for your stay, Rosapetra welcomes you with warmth, care and maximum preparation to enhance and protect special and important times of your life, such as during pregnancy or relationship, to deal with stress, unforeseen events of daily life or periods of life you are going through.



Rosapetra considers massage, always carried out with essential oils by highly trained staff, as a normal, complementary practice to all kinds of activities, a powerful ingredient of stimulus and of relationship with tissues, essential to the awakening of the body and senses.

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