If you wish to get away from the most popular itineraries, you must certainly struggle more, but the satisfaction of reaching the final destination will pay back all your efforts. If you really want to challenge yourself, these are the perfect itineraries: through steep couloirs, long descents and high slopes in wild areas, the expert skier will never get bored. 

Ski mountaineering to Forcella Adi

A challenging skitour that offers a thrilling descent in diverse environments and landscapes, surrounded by the major Dolomite peaks.

Ski mountaineering to Forcella Staunies

Difficult but highly rewarding tour: the climb up to Forcella Staunies, one of the most beautiful slopes in the world, is nowadays an itinerary loved by every ski mountaineer.

Skitour to Forcella Colfiedo

Round trip surrounded by the charming landscape of the Croda Rossa d’Ampezzo and its impressive rocky walls.