A walk in the height of good taste

2 h 15'
Malga Peziè de Parù
Malga Peziè de Parù

From the car park near the characteristic mountain hut Malga Peziè de Parù, take track n° 406, also known as “the Allaria track”, which takes you to Locanda del Cantoniere in about 30 minutes. Carry on until you reach the intersection with track n° 403, and turn right towards Baita Resch. Here you can return onto track n° 406 which takes you back to the starting point. All three of the restaurant venues on the route are excellent stopping-points for a snack, a beverage or a traditional lunch, savouring the warm, typically Alpine atmosphere and the authentic, traditional cuisine. 

At Baita Resch, in summer there are sun loungers on which you can relax, enjoying the enchanting views over the Ampezzo valley. There is a play area with facilities for the youngest visitors. 

Locanda del Cantoniere is a distinctive red building put up over the remains of a construction dating back to the First World War, the “Locanda”. It was the home of the road-builder responsible for the maintenance of Strada delle Dolomiti, the enchanting road running across Alpine passes and valleys. Today the hotel-restaurant is a good example of eco-sustainable building techniques for Alpine tourism facilities. 

Lastly, Malga Peziè de Parù is a beautiful traditional mountain restaurant, right at the centre of a lovely Alpine pasture surrounded by forests and mountains. It has a spacious external terrace, and it is famous for its fine cuisine.

By car: From the centre of Cortina, take the state road towards the Falzarego and Giau passes. After the hamlet Pocol, about 20 minutes from the centre, turn left towards the Giau Pass and drive for a few more kilometres until you are in the vicinity of Malga Peziè de Parù.

By bus: From the centre of Cortina, take the bus operated by Dolomiti Bus and running towards the Giau Pass, and get off at Peziè de Parù. The stop is by request, and it is about 20 minutes from the centre of Cortina.


Rest points

Malga Peziè de Parù, Baita Resch, Locanda del Cantoniere


1.618 m
Positive elevation gain
185 m
Negative elevation gain
185 m