Walk to Malga Ra Stua

2 h 30'
Parcheggio Sant Hubertus
Malga Ra Stua

From the Sant’Hubertus car park, also known as “Tornichè”, take track n° 6, on the left of the main tarmac road, towards Malga Ra Stua. The track runs gently uphill, immersed in a forest of fir, pine and larch. Here it runs close to the river Boite, which in this section gives you views of waterfalls, rapids and canyons. This final part of the track is named “Souto de Ra Stua”, and it is very picturesque, with amazing viewpoints: it has been equipped with bridges that enable you to enjoy the beauty of nature to the full. In spring, the river and waterfalls are even more spectacular, as a result of the increased volumes of water provided by the melting snow.

A few minutes beyond “Souto de Ra Stua”, the forest opens to reveal a beautiful pasture and the traditional malga mountain hut, ideal for refreshments: Malga Ra Stua is uniquely attractive with its traditional Ampezzo valley architecture. It is inside the Dolomiti d'Ampezzo Nature Park, and in the surroundings you will see cattle and horses grazing. The extensive alpine grassland and the gentle hills surrounding it create the perfect scene for a pleasant rest, enabling you to relax in a wonderful setting that instils a sense of deep serenity.

In the car park below the Malga, you will see a marvellous wooden “book case” made by students at the Secondary Art School in Cortina, in cooperation with the collective organisation Regole and the local cultural association Ulda. In the Ampezzo dialect, “brascion” means “tree”: the librascion is thus a tree for books. You will find a selection of books for children and adults: you can read one that appeals to you, and if you like the idea, you could bring one or more books to add to the collection in the Librascion in order to make the day even more pleasurable for other people walking the track.

To return to the starting point, you can either follow the same route back, or take the tarmac road downhill. 


By car - To reach the starting point, drive along the SS 51 Alemagna road northwards for about 10 minutes, until you reach a hairpin bend (km 111.2), where you will find the Sant’Hubertus car park.

By bus and jeep service - To reach the starting point by bus, take city bus n° 1 from Cortina’s bus station and ask to get off in Fiames, at the information point of the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites. From there, you can take a jeep service to the starting point or directly to Malga ra Stua.


Rest points

Malga Ra Stua


From Malga Ra Stua you can continue for another half hour on track n° 6 amongst trees, pastures and grazing cattle until you reach Cianpo de Cros, the location of the source of the Boite, Cortina’s river with a generous flow of crystal-clear water.


6,3 km
1683 m
Positive elevation gain
332 m
Negative elevation gain
331 m