5 Malga Ra Stua - Rifugio Col Gallina

7 h 30'
Malga Ra Stua
Rifugio Col Gallina

On the fifth day, starting from Malga Ra Stua, take track n° 6 until you reach the Sant’Uberto car park. Take track n° 10 and then n° 401 which crosses the rugged Travenanzes valley. When you have reached the gully Forcella Col dei Bos, go downhill on track n° 402 towards the Falzarego Pass until you reach the mountain lodge Rifugio Col Gallina, where you can stay the night.

Approximate hiking times: 

From Malga Ra Stua (1,668 m) to the gully Forcella Col dei Bos (2,331 m), about 7 h 

From gully Forcella Col dei Bos (2,331 m) to Rifugio Col Gallina (2,054 m), about 1 h


Malga Ra Stua Tel. +39 0436 5753

Rifugio Lagazuoi Tel.  +39 0436 867303

Rifugio Col Gallina Tel. +39 0436 2939

Rest points

Malga Ra Stua, Rifugio Giussani, Rifugio Dibona, Rifugio Pomedes, Rifugio Duca d’Aosta


We recommend taking food and water with you, and perhaps a change of footwear, as you have to cross a stream.


After crossing the Travenanzes valley, at the intersection, continue on track n° 403 until you reach the mountain lodge Rifugio Giussani, where you can spend the night. For the fittest walkers, there is the possibility of going further, following track n° 403 downhill until you reach Rifugio Dibona, where you can stay the night, or continuing on track n° 421 to Rifugio Pomedes. Another option, when you have reached Rifugio Pomedes, is to go downhill along track n° 421 until you reach Rifugio Duca d’Aosta, another characterful mountain lodge where you can stay the night. (Continue with variant B of Stage 6).


19,5 km
Positive elevation gain
1422 m
Negative elevation gain
1049 m