Walk to Rifugio Giussani

3 h circa
Rifugio Dibona
Rifugio Dibona

From Rifugio Dibona, take track n° 403, towards Rifugio Giussani. After a short flat section, the track starts to wind uphill, almost reaching the base of the south face of the majestic Tofana di Rozes, one of the mountains that has become a symbol of Cortina. As you continue to climb up track n° 403, the scenery becomes rockier and more barren, and the couloir Vallon di Tofana gradually narrows until you reach a flat, rock-strewn area between Tofana di Rozes on one side and Punta Anna, a famous peak that is part of the mountain Tofana di Mezzo, on the other. 

The area preserves many remains of look-out posts and constructions built by the armed forces during the First World War. In addition, on an area of flat ground on your left, you will see the remains of the historic mountain lodge Rifugio Cantore. Continuing along the track, in a few minutes you will reach Rifugio Giussani. Inaugurated in 1886 with the name Rifugio Tofana, it was the first mountain lodge to be built on the Tofane mountains, and the second in the Ampezzo Valley. It was destroyed during the Great War and later rebuilt, and renamed Rifugio Cantore. In 1972, the Rifugio was rebuilt for the third time, but in a different location, the gully Forcella Fontananegra, on the wide col between Tofana di Rozes and Tofana di Mezzo. The original position close to the rock had been very useful during the war, but made it liable to infiltration by water. Today, the Rifugio, dedicated to alpinist Camillo Giussani, has magnificent views. It retains a genuine, traditional atmosphere, and it is a favourite destination for climbers and hikers. The original Rifugio Tofana has now been renovated and transformed into a bivouac for the winter season.

To return, follow the same route until you reach Rifugio Dibona. The view is wonderful: you will see the Ampezzo valley and some of its finest mountains, from the Cinque Torri group, Averau and Nuvolau, on to Croda da Lago and Lastoi de Formin, and right across to Antelao and Sorapis. 

By car: From Cortina, take the road SP48 towards the Falzarego pass, go past the restaurant La Locanda del Cantoniere and the small church in Vervei, and continue for about 500 m until you reach the junction in Fedarola, turning off on the road that climbs up to the mountain lodge Rifugio Dibona. The second part of this road is a rough track, but in good condition.

By bus: From the bus station in the centre of Cortina, take the bus operated by the Dolomiti Bus company towards the Falzarego Pass (check times on the Dolomiti Bus website), and get off at the stop near the Fedarola junction. The stop is on request, and it is about 20-25 minutes from the centre of Cortina.


Rest points

Rifugio Dibona Rifugio Giussani


4,4 Km
2.580 m
Positive elevation gain
567 m
Negative elevation gain
563 m