Walk to Rifugio Mietres

1 h 30'
Parcheggio Rio Gere
Rifugio Mietres

From the Rio Gere car park, set off towards the valley, on the right of the car park, following track n° 211 which in a few minutes will bring you to the traditional malga El Brite de Larieto. In the local dialect, “brite” means malga (mountain hut), while “larieto” refers to the larch forest surrounding the malga. Along the road you will see cattle and horses grazing, or cows in their sheds. The malga and its large open-air terrace offer the perfect location for tasting genuine traditional recipes and snacks: butter, cheese, yoghurt, ice-cream, bread, meat and cured meat products are all made locally.

From Brite de Larieto, the track runs into an enchanting larch forest, the largest in Europe and one of the finest in the Dolomites. In spring you will see the larch trees clad with red cones and soft, light green needles; in autumn, these wonderful trees take on warm shades of orange, yellow and red, creating a magical atmosphere that will leave you spellbound. As you follow the track, every so often on your left you will see views of mount Faloria and the ski pistes.

After half an hour, when the track forks, take the left-hand path. After a few more minutes, the larch forest opens up into a beautiful open area, surrounded by the forest and the spectacular mountains. You will be dazzled by the beauty of nature all around, with 360° views of the Dolomites: mount Pomagagnon towers impressively beyond the unmistakable Rifugio Mietres, with mount Cristallo behind you, while on your left you will see the mounts Faloria, Sorapis, the Tofane peaks, and the entire Ampezzo valley. The Rifugio’s spacious terrace is drenched in sunlight until dusk, and the lodge also offers the chance of relaxing in a wooden hot tub and taking a Finnish sauna (both on prior booking), in addition to theme dinners, tastings and musical evenings. In winter, this is a favourite destination for ski mountaineering or snowshoe excursions.

To return, follow the same route back.

By bus: From the Cortina bus station, take the bus operated by Dolomiti Bus towards Passo Tre Croci - Misurina and get off at the Rio Gere car park, near the Faloria and Cristallo chair lifts.

By car: From the centre of Cortina, take the road towards Passo Tre Croci - Misurina and follow it until you reach the Rio Gere car park, near the Faloria and Cristallo chair lifts.


Rest points

Malga El Brite de Larieto, Rifugio Mietres


4,7 km
1.732 m
Positive elevation gain
150 m
Negative elevation gain
150 m