Ra Gusela Via Ferrata - Nuvolau

3 h
Passo Giau
Passo Giau

A via ferrata for beginners, also suitable for families, that leads to Rifugio Nuvolau, the first mountain lodge built in the area around Cortina d’Ampezzo in 1883, where you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the Ampezzo Valley. The route starts and ends at the Giau Pass, with an easy itinerary that is minimally exposed in just a few sections; it is constantly accompanied by the wonderful Dolomite panoramas.

When you have reached the Giau Pass by car or by bus, take track n° 452 behind the Berghotel Passo Giau Restaurant, and carry on until you reach the first fork. Here you take track n° 443 towards Cinque Torri. Follow the track until the junction and take track n° 438, which runs uphill to the left, and it will take you directly to the saddle, where the via ferrata begins.

When you arrive, you will see the metal cable that guides you along the equipped trail. Initially the ledge is wide, with no particular difficulties. Follow the path and you will soon begin the climb up the rock face, until you reach the gully. In a few minutes you will reach a magical plateau with an almost lunar landscape, from where you can see the mountain lodge Rifugio Nuvolau, high up opposite you. 

Following the track, you reach the other side, where you climb the face to reach Rifugio Nuvolau.

The view from the summit is incredible: you have a 360-degree panorama of the Dolomite peaks, from Cinque Torri to Tofane, and from Croda da Lago to Marmolada. The vista is always spectacular and unique, making the lodge one of the most interesting and magnificent locations in the Ampezzo Valley.

To return, take track n° 439 which brings you to the mountain lodge Rifugio Averau. From there, follow track n° 464 towards the Rifugio Fedare lodge, and at the first fork after a winding stretch of the path, take track n° 452 which brings you to the Giau Pass.


This via ferrata is not difficult but nevertheless requires some care. Excellent for training purposes.

Rest points

Albergo Alpino Passo Giau, Malga Giau, Rifugio Nuvolau, Rifugio Averau


The via ferrata equipment: helmet, harness, appropriate climbing gloves and the via ferrata kit.


When you have reached the plateau, from which you can see the Rifugio Nuvolau lodge, just before starting the last section of the via ferrata that brings you to Monte Nuvolau, you can take a short diversion that brings you to the summit of Ra Gusela: in this way you can reach two summits instead of just one. In this case, at the intersection that leads to Nuvolau you will have to go left instead of taking the uphill path on the right. In about 15 minutes you will reach the top of Ra Gusela at 2,595 m, from which you can enjoy the view of the enchanting Giau Pass seen from above. From here, retrace your path back to the intersection and continue the route as described.


2575 m s.l.m.
Positive elevation gain
420 m
Negative elevation gain
420 m