Cortina Bike Resort

Fun on two wheels

Mountain bike

Your holiday in Cortina can also be spent on two wheels.

Escursions on your mountain bike on routes often at high altitude, where you can breathe in the cleanest mountain air. Challenging tours that require boundless energy and a superb level of fitness, plus veritable half and full marathons that take in  lush meadows and mountain huts. The reward for your effort is the satisfaction of the achievement and, of course, the magnificent Dolomites. 

Mountain Bike is synonym of territory, history and nature in Cortina.

The routes that are official in the Bike Resort, are numbered e signedposted, per agonists and amateurs, for childrena dn adults, and they will help you discover all the beauties of your destination. Fun is guaranteed!


mountain bike trails

Guides and instructors


Vacanza green sulle due ruote

Con l’e-bike la vacanza è green

I percorsi più impegnativi e i traguardi più ambiti diventano accessibili e alla portata di tutti, grazie alle e-bike: MTB con 100 chilometri di autonomia e batteria di scorta, anche con seggiolini per bambini.

Tantissimi e per tutti i gusti i percorsi da fare su due ruote a Cortina, vero e proprio Bike Resort con 700 km di percorsi, 1 downhill, 2 skill park, 7 bike rifugi, 9 bike hotel e il bike pass: un’unica tessera per 9 impianti di risalita, attrezzati per il trasporto della bici.

Baby Bikers

Skill park

Learn to ride the mountain bike in the heart of the Dolomites at 2,055 metres above sea level!
Have fun in the brand new skill park in the Lagazuoi 5 Torri Giau area, with obstacles, bridges, jumps and technical tracks at various levels of difficulty. The park has been designed specifically for the purpose of allowing children to approach the sports and for young bikers to improve their technique, while parents enjoy the sunshine and the view from one of the nearby terraces.

Info: Rifugio Col Gallina
Tel. 0039 0436 2939

New: Bike Skill Park at Sopiazes
The brand new skill park is created on a flat area near Lake Bandion, at the bottom of the ski slope that descends from Col Drusciè. It is subject to continuous improvements and is equipped with teaching aids on a daily basis. A circular track is created in the nearby forest which contains a loop with a series of undulations on the uphill stretch, designed to improve balance, followed by a descent of some relatively challenging parabolic curves which require some practice. A third area contains easy parabolic curves for beginners, and the lower part of the skill park is dedicated to jumps with three structures formed by two 20cm jumps, a 50cm jump and a third structure with a jump of a height of 100cm. This area also includes a structure designed to improve balance. The various areas are divided into loops dedicated to improving specific skills, but they can also be connected to create one large obstacle course.
The Skill Park of Sopiazes is open to bikers accompanied by an MTB instructor.


For downhill lovers

The departure point at the Col Drusciè Bike Park is at 1,768 m, with arrival at 1,204 m. The ideal place for all downhill fans, it offers 3 trails of different lengths and difficulties (1 black and 2 red) equipped with trampolines for jumps and technical sections in the woods. Trails range from black, reserved for more experienced riders, to red, where riders can train and have fun developing their skills. Track 1, the most challenging, is 2800 meters long with an average slope of 21% and maximum slope of 70%. The second is the same length, with a slightly higher average gradient (26%) and a maximum gradient of 61 %. The third is 980 meters long with an average slope of 21% and a maximum of 63%.