Discover some of the most iconic and fascinating places in the Dolomites by trying firsthand the track of the annual races of the Lavaredo Ultra Trail, a series of four trail running races that take place annually in Cortina in June with the participation of thousands of international athletes.

The main race is the Lavaredo Ultra Trail, a spectacular night run of 120km and 5.800m vertical gain. In addition, Cortina hosts the following races: Cortina Skyrace (20km), Cortina Trail (48km) and the UltraDolomites (around 80km), which has the distinctive trait of having a different starting point every year.

Cortina Skyrace

Run along the new fantastic itinerary that opens the Lavaredo Ultra Trail.

Cortina trail

A short edition of The Lavaredo Ultra Trail, that leads to the beautiful Dolomites of Giau and Falzarego Passes.

Lavaredo Ultra Trail

This is the itinerary of the famous Lavaredo Ultra Trail, the international race that takes place in Cortina every year.